Tuesday, 25 August 2009

USA 12" vinyl now available

good news from the USA, this morning we received some copies of the 12" vinyl version of the album. it can be imported from the US here, and will also be available from Rough Trade in the UK very soon, so keep checking their website.

Monday, 24 August 2009

North American Tour Cancelled

We are very sad to announce that our upcoming tour of North America
with the Charlatans has been cancelled. Please see below for the
statement from the Charlatans website. We are now working very
hard to arrange some new dates for later this year and as soon
as we have any more news for you, we will let you know.
We hope to be back in the States as soon as possible.

Dave, Tobias, Finn & Jerome.

From the Charlatans website:
The Charlatans are sorry to announce the cancellation of their forthcoming
North American tour. This is due to drummer Jon Brookes' longstanding shoulder complaint. He has been strongly advised by doctors against undertaking 23 concerts in 28 days as this could cause severe damage to ligaments in the affected area. He will start a course of treatment starting in September and in the coming months to rectify the condition.
Once again the band wish to apologise to people who have purchased tickets and those that had made travel arrangements We are as disappointed as you are, due to this unavoidable situation.
Many thanks.

a day out in Devon

a 5am start yesterday as we set off for our lunch time slot at the Beautiful Days Festival in Devon. pleased to see a number of people out so early on the sunday morning, kind of thought they might all still be in their tents. kicked a few balls about, enjoyed a pie for lunch, saw some acoustic acts in the Big Top, a tightrope walker and the highly entertaining Village Disco. back in London this weekend for a show at the Queen of Hoxton. Dave. x

Sunday, 16 August 2009

this sunny evening

we'll be playing a few records this evening at the Cool For Cats All Dayer at the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen. (it's an all dayer that starts at 6pm, by the way). come share our sounds.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Kingston Birthday

great show last night at the New Slang club in Kingston. Ellie Panda was with us, celebrating her birthday (officially celebrated this sunday at the Hoxton Bar & Grill Cool For Cats All Dayer). There were cakes and everything backstage!

Probably one of the best run club nights we've been to, and the crowd were fantastic. It was great playing a slighty different set to what we've been playing recently. And don't worry Steve (whoever you are), we kept the back stage area immaculate! Dave.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

going live.

we now have a new website. and this is it. www.hatchamsocial.co.uk will bring you here, and keep you as updated as possible. so spread the word.

Monday, 10 August 2009

if i could walk 500 miles.

well, we actually drove approximately 1300 miles, starting in east london on friday morning, arriving back sunday evening. and sandwiched inbetween was our show at the Belladrum Festival in Scotland, just outside Inverness. It was a great little festival, almost a mini-Glastonbury, infact probably what Glastonbury was like many a year ago, before it became so big. here's a view from our journey...

and today we did some photos to possibly use on our US Tour poster. keep those eyes peeled. Thursday we're off to Kingston to play a night called New Slang. Bye for now. Dave.

Friday, 7 August 2009

the road ahead.

and so the long road ahead opens up. we're northbound to Inverness today. it's gonna be about a 15 hour drive. similar length to our drive from Paris to Munich a few months ago. just a lot closer to home. onstage tomorrow at the Hothouse Stage of Belladrum Festival. not sure on stage time, but we're the third band on so it's probably around 1:30pm. byebye. Dave.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

the week that was.

Been a fun week this week. We put the finishing touches to our Halloween Fancy Dress Prom, which takes place at the King's College Student Union on October 28th. It's got a great line up including Official Secrets Act, Electricity In Our Homes & Sunderbans plus Cool For Cats v WakS djs and Amy dj-ing 50's rock n roll.

Then on tuesday we played at the newly opened Garage with our favourite touring band The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. Have now played in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Isle of Wight, New York and London with them. Had a great time at the Buffalo Bar afterwards as they dj'd and we danced til the early hours. Talking of which, we head to Inverness tomorrow morning. Leaving at 8am from east london, so it's a 6am wakeup. Goodnight. Dave.