Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Post Album sessions XMAS show at CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH. Expect new songs and christmas jumpers!!
Also make sure you arrive early to watch YoungHusband. they're amazing.

See You'll There...

Monday, 6 December 2010


Our song New York Girl on Fierce Panda compilation Gruff Trade is number 6 'Single' of the year in Artrocker this month...


After the Van breaking on the morning Nick says he can take us to the studio so here we are hanging out with Jim Anderson making an album up a mountain...

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hello all in the outside world,

We are excited to be venturing up to the hills of Wales where we recorded our Mini-Album 'Found In The Woods' to record our as yet untitled second long player. We will go up in just under 10 days to spend two weeks recording. Spending the last few months rehearsing the 20 songs that are contenders for the album we want to record in a quick and live fashion keeping it stark and aggressive and honest. Songs about girls, dancing, and the people we know....

Some of you will know that we have been playing shows over the summer and following months with a selection of different musicians each show being a complete one off, well now we have got a final complete lineup for album two. So please give your love and support for the finest players in London Town we could find; Hatcham Social now comprises of David Claxton on Guitar, Riley Difford on Bass and the same Finnigan Kidd and Toby Kidd on Drums/vocals and Vocals/guitar respectively.

The contenders for album two are (some of them you would have heard already) ;

Like An Animal
New York Girl
Nicola Tells Me
Lois Lane/Until The End
Lets Make Some Noise
Russian Doll
Its Cool To Be True
So Pretty
Little Savage
Shut Your Mouth
We Can Stay Together
Distance Kills The Romance
Somebody Else's You
When You Dance With Me
Escape From London
Malta Sea
All Summer Long (Just Go Away)
The Invention Of Air
American Beauty
Something Special

It will be finding the story out of the whole that makes the album choice then we will release the rest as an EP later in the year...

Will let you know how the studio is going.

Love to all,


Tuesday, 9 November 2010


In anticipation of their second single release early next year, Sunderbans announce a free download through Young and Lost Club Records / Holiday Club Recordings on Monday 8th November.

Holed away in a barn in the Welsh hills, the band recorded Death Stalks The Forest with friend, Toby Kidd of Hatcham Social.

The rele...ase succeeds the band's feature on Huw Stevens' Music Sounds Sounds Better With Huw VOL 2 compilation and debut 7" single We Only Can Because We Care released by Young and Lost and produced by Henrik Orrling of Swedish favorites Envelopes.

Teaming up with promoters/label/bookers/candle-stick makers Club The Mammoth, Sunderbans celebrate the download release of Death Stalks The Forest with a free launch party at The Macbeth on Tuesday 9th November, with Young Husband in support.



Monday, 18 October 2010


Topman CTRL: The Charlatans (Tim & Mark Acoustic Set), Factory Floor, Hatcham Social, The Heartbreaks, DJ Sets: Tim Burgess, Stephen Morris, Same Teens at The Ruby Lounge on Wednesday 20th Oct 2010



see you there...

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


The Thing: fierce panda presents a ‘Gruff Trade’ party

The Bands:
HATCHAM SOCIAL (onstage 10.00pm)
...LA SHARK (onstage 9.15pm)
YOUNG HUSBAND (onstage 8.30pm)


(389 Kentish Town Road, London NW5 2TJ)

The Damage: £6.00 advance / £7.00 on the door

Doors: 8.00pm

The Truth: The rebirth of the Bull & Gate continues apace as indie skillsters HATCHAM SOCIAL join the likes of Pete & The Pirates, Ultrasound, The Heartbreaks, Goldheart Assembly, Kingmaker MMX, Jim Bob and The Crookes in Club Fandango’s September celebrations for the Bull & Gate’s 30th anniversary. Not only that but this September 6th show is also a wee party for fierce panda’s current ‘Gruff Trade’ compilation EP, which has been described as “adorably-titled” by Pitchfork and features groovy new tunes by the whacked-out likes of Sex Beet, Still Corners, Not Cool, Fiction, Wild Palms and two of the bands playing tonight, those bands being LA SHARK and HATCHAM SOCIAL. Hatcham Social themselves are virtually stalwarts of the ‘Gruff Trade’ world by virtue of a string of ace Postcard-flecked 7” singles and the 2009 release of their lovingly welcomed ‘You Dig The Tunnel, I’ll Hide The Soil’ album (fierce panda). They are taking time out from creating the follow-up to play this very special show.

LA SHARK have been – rightly or wrongly – construed as half-crazed funkoid playboys whose recent ‘A Weapon’ single highlighted some sun-blasted melodic outbursts while squelching in all the right place and some of the wrong ones as well. As things should be. Their ‘Gruff Trade’ track is called ‘Mr Modern Man’, btw.

YOUNG HUSBAND don’t actually feature on the ‘Gruff Trade’ EP at all, but they fit the package very well, in a spiritual sense. They are certainly friends with tonight’s headliners and they are definitely purveyors of tense, modern alt.pop with synthesisers and bendy Valentines-esque guitars and much moodiness besides.



Thursday, 22 July 2010

Fierce Panda Gruff Trade EP out today!!

Brand new track 'NEW YORK GIRL' previewed on very limited ( 231 copies only!! ) Fierce Panda compilation 'Gruff Trade'

Order your copy now...

New Hatcham shop up now!

Go get your t-shirts here...



Thursday, 1 July 2010

Vicious live in Paris

also theres a short interview with us on Wormee TV...

'want some?'



Friday, 18 June 2010

Go buy yourself the new Electricity In Our Homes record...

its out on the 28th!

listen to it here...



Finn x

Thursday, 3 June 2010

F**king London Show!

We will be playing a bunch of new songs in the set and testing them out live here....

Sunday, 30 May 2010

At the Pictures

So with the wind in the sky and the dark of the London night we have started a Video Blog of sorts, spurred on by our lovely friend Billy from Wetdog and a yellow Flip camera...

Here it is


You may be in it.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Down and Out In Paris and not London for a day or so...

Hello I am watching a tv program on bands, some kind of BBC doc thing. Poeple like Kiss and Vic Reeves(?) talking about how bands make it and tour and all that, how they cope with touring and the drugs and all the crazy things. Pretty dry. Some good footage. Troggs argument sounds good..."-noooooowww, your playing the f*cking-"

We played a show in Paris the other day. It was equally exciting and quite strange for various reasons. But really good fun. Thanks for coming down.

In Paris this persons car had been painted -
Paris May 2010

But we liked these too -
Paris May 2010

Paris May 2010

We are playing at the Buffallo Bar in Islington soon for a special show for Baby Honey....
Talk soon

Friday, 21 May 2010

PARIS 25th May

How are you all? We are rehearsing very hard for this next show, we will be a five piece and will have a few new songs from the new album sessions to show you (very excited to see what you think), see you down there.

On 25th May (next week) we play in Paris at La Maroquinerie



Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Good afternoon

I am in Malta, I am on a trip playing some guitar for the singer Amy Studt at a charity event for Inspire. Staying at a hotel called The Palace, most comfortable beds in the world. In the days I am using this trip to write. I have been getting lyrics and chords together for the next album sessions. Went down to the sea-front yesterday, the waves are strong and crash onto the sand colored rocks. We are in a quiet part of town called Sliema and spend much of our time in a pub called Simon's Pub where the event is taking place through the week. That is where I write from at this moment. Simon runs the pub and is Maltese born and bred. On arrival on the thursday evening, Simon dress's up as a british policeman and runs in through the small paraphernalia filled room brandishing a truncheon. He shouts "get out its a raid" and then places a fake knife through is head.
Objects that fill the pub: banners, posters, medals, cups, clogs, drawing of a french man on the wall, football scarfs, joke signs - "I am ugly and Not Funny but available" etc - car number pate with 'simon' on and other nicknacks, there are many.

Last night Amy was invited to DJ at a club in the center of town, it is a much busier part of town that is like a holiday destination version of Leicester square. We went to this club called Flago's down through throngs of drunken merrymakers and weekenders. Cheap aftershave and overprice beer hung in the air as we struggled to follow our miniature guide - Maddy - through the crowded streets to the club. The club ended up being a four to the floor/pop/house/dance music type affair with a Brazilian DJ (at one point he got to the stage with a mic on his face and proceeded to 'hype' the audience and get them to learn simple flamenco dance moves) who obviously spent his whole afternoons drinking protein shakes and pumping iron. Lets just say our popiest set was slightly too low octane for the clientele and not long after starting we had the pink shirt grey mullet owner asking us kindly to step down. He was perfectly friendly to us but had the manner of man you did not cross. He spoke to his staff with an aggression and body language that made them cower. Although I must say his face was as soft as a babies when he spoke to us and told Amy how much he loved her voice.

I missed breakfast this morning at the hotel and am now starting to get that hunger pain in my stomach. I will go roam the streets until I find something.


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

you should probably be listening to this right now...


The album is famous for having one side of up-beat songs and a second side of melancholic ballads. On the first half, "When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)," "Dance, Dance, Dance" and "Do You Wanna Dance?" were all hits, and "Help Me, Ronda" would be worked on further to deliver the Beach Boys their second #1 hit in May.(amid a small spelling change in the title). The second side, in retrospect, was an indicator to where Brian Wilson was going musically. Considered darker and more meaningful than previous softer works, alongside Wilson's increasing productivity in the studio, the ballads on the second side are thought of as a precursor to Pet Sounds' technical triumphs, including strings, horns, piano and keyboards, more percussion, and volume tricks.

...and this...(from the album All Summer Long)


Sunday, 4 April 2010

Monday, 8 March 2010

Please support and sponsor Dave...

Dear all, on March 21st I shall be doing a 3 mile run in aid of Sport Relief. I would be more than honoured if anyone would like to sponsor this run as, alongside Comic Relief, all the money raised goes to good causes, both in this country and abroad. My sponsorship page can be found at www.mysportrelief.com/davidfineberg.


Dave x

Friday, 5 March 2010

Hoxton show and free mp3!!...see what Simon Fierce Panda has written....

On Monday March 8th 2010 HATCHAM SOCIAL end another round of freshly baked live dates for their ‘You Dig The Tunnel, I’ll Hide The Soil’ campaign with a headline show back home in East London. That show looks very much like this:



You may have noticed something sitting in the trees, something lurking through the looking glass. That ‘something’ is the release of Tim Burton’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’. And some of the people who have ‘noticed’ are your favourite indie hipsters and ours HATCHAM SOCIAL, who will be paying homage to the legacy of Lewis Carroll by playing with the Queen of Hearts, romping with the White Rabbit and tipping their hats to the Mad Hatter.

More specifically, HATCHAM SOCIAL intend to show Jans Svankmajer‘s ghoulish version of ‘Alice’ as they play. And as if that wasn’t enough they have decided that anyone and everyone who buys a ticket for Monday’s event gets a free mp3 of ‘Jabberwocky’, a mighty excerpt from their even mightier ‘You Dig The Tunnel, I’ll Hide The Soil’ album (out now on fierce panda records), whizzed straight to their in-boxes.

To get those paws on that ‘Jabberwocky’ mp3 all you have to do is buy a ticket for the – ahahaha – Hoxton Social show and send your Bar & Kitchen ticket purchase number to ellie@fiercepanda.co.uk and she will do the rest. And of course if you have already brought a ticket then you will already be in possession of a ticket purchase number so you are more than welcome to partake of this Carroll-themed offer.

Support at the Bar & Kitchen comes from LUNAR YOUTH, who sound like “the drive along the Pacific coast” (and whose singer is a cross between Michael ‘Hutch’ Hutchence and Wayne Coyne), while twisted newcomers ADVERT will be bringing the white noise. Now that’s magic…


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

In collaboration with Cool For Cats we present...SUMMERTIME!



The last Friday of every month, Toby and Finn from Hatcham Social join regular cohorts Cool For Cats to bring you a shiny new night, Summertime. They'll be bringing sunshine to even these bleak mid-winter evenings with a Vitamin D rich selection of West-Coast pop-Nuggets, '60s, doo-wop and beach-front promenade Mod classics. They will also be sharing a parasol with the darker edges of '80s and '90s indie, newly unfurled gems and future classics.

The evening is likely to consist of these types of delights:

Bowie, Echo And The Bunnymen, Lou Reed, The Maccabees, The Drums, The Associates, The Horrors, Bill Hailey, Little Richard, Orange Juice, Depeche Mode, The Beach Boys, Elastica, The Smiths, Vivian Girls, Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly, Jesus And Mary Chain, Joe Meek, Roxy Music, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart


Friday, 12 February 2010

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Bath added to UK dates...

We have just added a show at Moles in Bath on Feb 25th. See below for full list of shows.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

New UK dates...

Some new UK dates have been announced for February including a new London show on March 8th at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. Tickets for the London show are available now from the See Tickets website.

18 Feb 2010, White Rabbit, Plymouth
19 Feb 2010, Escobar, Wakefield
20 Feb 2010, The Royal, Derby
23 Feb 2010, Drift, Portsmouth
25 Feb 2010, Moles, Bath
26 Feb 2010, Sound Control, Manchester
27 Feb 2010, Bar Pure, Sunderland
8 Mar 2010, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Hatcham Social Spotlight


we're in Helicon Mountain Studios with the wonderful Laurie Latham recording some new songs. Hiking back through the ice and snow across London at night due to trains inability to deal with winter times.

Also the SIDEWALK EP download is released on the 18th January. The EP includes two new songs, Beach Boys cover and two remixes.
It will be on Itunes etc.

This saturday we play Stroll On...Presents at The Korsan Bar, Kingsland Rd. London. with Wetdog supporting.

We play the Good Shoes album launch at the Stag’s Head, 55 Orsman Road, London. Wednesday 20th January 2010 – with Fiction, Silver Hips (DJ Set), Daniel Shepherd (Gang of One DJ Set)

Nicola Probert ( who made all four of our first videos and has done all our artwork ) shows an exhibition of short films entitled 'Sound And Vision' as part of the Tate Shots.
7pm, This Friday 15th January 2010, Tate Modern Starr Auditorium
Running time 30mins (approx) + questions
This is a free screening, but please RSVP with names so we have an idea of numbers to jared.schiller@tate.org.uk or call 020 7887 4986

This Thursday 14th is Toby and Rhys Jones (GoodShoes) night at the London Fields on Mare Street, Hackney, East London. It is sort of named Cucmber for no known reason...Its free so if you about come and say hello. Starts about 9 finishes about 1.

Also Sunday 17th is Hatcham and Birds play Nirvana documentaries and music like that at the Legion, Old Street, London. No entry fee.


Go and download the Sunderbans free single out now on Young and Lost.

And read We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson - wonderful book.

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