Thursday, 3 September 2009

Offset this weekend

So we are looking forward to a couple of days in Hainault park (incidentally quite a lot of our family live in Hainault and surrounding areas). We are going to camp for the whole weekend I think. There are lots of bands to see as I am sure you know, I will be watching; wetdog, goodshoes, shrag, sunderbans and EIOHs. Lots more too, just what comes to mind.

We have some very exciting new announcements to make regarding over the pond and shows here too soon.

Will be spending the next month making new music too.......

If you get a chance to, watch the film Blood Simple. Really good early Coen Brothers film. Then come and watch St Elmo's Fire on Monday after Offset with us and the Birds at The Legion.

We play Offset on Sunday at 2100 hours on the ECC stage which is curated by the mighty She Set, bring Confetti and a dancing partner to fall in love with.
I do believe we will finnish in time to walk over to see the Horrors after too. Good Times.


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