Thursday, 11 August 2011

Is this the end of the world?

Its the end of the world as we know it...

All hell has broken loose, a concoction of americanised ghetto culture love, youthful naughty energy, general old fashioned thuggery , a hefty dose of political moronic choice with a brown coloured country leadership and the trusty bbm messenger service.

A definite sense of excitement and fear. Local groups pulling together to look after their own. What. A. Week.

And one outcome that people like you and me (lovers of music...) will feel is the burning down of the Sony Distribution center which housed many many records we would love to buy. The warehouse was Sony Corp's sole distribution base in the UK, it also stored PIAS Distribution, who are responsible for the stock of many independent record labels.
XL, Angular, Domino, Matador, Warp and Sub Pop are amongst the labels affected by the blaze.

So we urge you to buy loads of MP3s from these people while they try to sort out how it will work out.

It seems a funny place for the thugs and hoody-kids to loot, I amuse myself imagining a bunch of hoodlums saying to each other how they have grabbed a load of Wetdog and Horrors on vinyl..."yeah loved that Lower Leg, that shit is hardcore bruv", "shut it, thats nuttin, I gots some Still Life 7s - dope!"....

Dicks will be pushing their luck now for a while so stay safe. Love HS Republic; the state of the future.

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