Thursday, 6 October 2011

Not Cool At All...

This afternoon I have been trying to get hold of some 3rd Rock From the Sun DVDs for my Dad who is ill at the moment and has a large amount of love for these charming alien visitors. I had plimpsoles on and got wet feet then found out HMV had closed down. High streets are not the place to shop now, you have to look online. I did not want to order it, I just wanted to pick it up.If anyone has a load of 3rd Rock DVDs and wants to get rid of them let me know...
More worthy of your attention is Not Cool have split up. I really think this band should have had a lot more people talking about them. Really good live and totally believable. These are not topshop trend followers who look at whats hot on the blogs and regurgitate with a pretty smile, these are real people who are just fucking cool, and incidentally calling themselves Not Cool.
I found this today its an album of b-sides and stuff that Not Cool have put together and given away. Go and get it. Then go and get the ACTUAL album, Rugged Raw, its great. Loud. Guitar. Music.
I also made friends with Martin Rossiter on a well known social networking site today after he was at the Pure Festival with us the other day. This inspired me to go and learn For The Dead. Great song. Not a hugely loved band these days I think, but when everyone forgets about America and krautrock for a moment maybe they will be interested again. 
Night night


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