Friday, 16 March 2012

Day three Austin...

So we are in Austin for SXSW, day three, in a Motel on the Highway and about to head into town for a BBQ. If you have ever stayed in a Motel in Texas you will know how cool it is, like a road movie life moment. We have a pool but its not really hot enough to use in the morning and we are out all day mostly. Finn and David are asleep, sleeping off a day of light beer, free cocktails and beer cans the size of a small mans head. Yesterday we managed to get down to the Lexington showcase and catch a bit of Ringo Deathstar, miss the Jesus and Mary Chain show (now there was a queue!very very disappointed), miss the Cold Specks show we hoped to see (kind of clashed with an interview we were doing) and walk around a lot. (yes we will do better today!) We also spent a large amount of time on buses. One of the best things we did was a show at a cool little cycle shop up the other end of town called Waterloo Cycles. Swell guy, Michael, who owns Waterloo Cycles has a large collection of REM T-shirts. Riley has taken about a million photos and we will post some of the best soon. On day 1 we met the legend that is Nardwuar ( and we are going to try and catch his show with Andrew WK. The best thing about Austin is the green and space, wooden houses and friendly locals, the worst is the only food seems to be drive in fast food and getting around can take a LONG time. Its Finns birthday today so I guess this is a pretty cool place to find a cake... Toby

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