Wednesday, 29 May 2013

France, Germany, Austria and back to UK

Last week we took a great trip out through the tunnel under the sea in our splitter van with our instruments to play shows in Paris, Cologne, Vienna, Hamburg and Berlin (did I miss one or two?). We went on this tour as the support band for Tim Burgess and the Anytime Minutes.

Our friend and super TM (that's touring lingo for Tour Manager) Jake picked us up at 5 30 in the morning in Leytonstone where some of us live and we travelled through to Paris on the Eurostar. I am fond of the way that you can feel the van move and yet you look out your window and see no movement - because you are sat inside a van inside a train carriage.

We played La Fleche d'Or in Paris, which we have played a few times before. If you have never been there, its an old railway station with a train track running underneath and a sort of David Lynch interior. All the windows in the back room have been smashed up by kids throwing stones up from the train tracks. We met a great couple who told us they used Hatcham Social as part of their wooing rituals. Good work.

Some Photos: Sound Of Violence

We also got a really great review in Paris, but cannot find it right now so will post later...

Here it is: Hatcham reviewd in Paris and all that

Next we traveled into Germany and Austria and at some point through Czech far I remember...we slept a night in a hotel in Prague and when we crossed into the was like entering some strange land of brothels and casinos and restaurants with Dragons on top - need to find out the name of that town it was pretty unusual.  Oh yeah and before that we got held up by the police for an our while they looked at the van with torches and asked for 40 euros...

We had an amazing show in Munich and the sound was so good there - we must play that venue again.  Vienna was cool but thunder and lightning heavy heavy.

The final date was in Hamburg and an incredible building, a big WW2 concrete Bunker. Sound man there was a great guy, loved his underground music and analogue gear. Met some guy who said he was putting us in paper the next day.

At the end we came back to London on a super long 15 hour last day journey(!)

We sold lots of merch which was great, so thanks everyone, hope to come back out soon!

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