Saturday, 29 May 2010

Down and Out In Paris and not London for a day or so...

Hello I am watching a tv program on bands, some kind of BBC doc thing. Poeple like Kiss and Vic Reeves(?) talking about how bands make it and tour and all that, how they cope with touring and the drugs and all the crazy things. Pretty dry. Some good footage. Troggs argument sounds good..."-noooooowww, your playing the f*cking-"

We played a show in Paris the other day. It was equally exciting and quite strange for various reasons. But really good fun. Thanks for coming down.

In Paris this persons car had been painted -
Paris May 2010

But we liked these too -
Paris May 2010

Paris May 2010

We are playing at the Buffallo Bar in Islington soon for a special show for Baby Honey....
Talk soon

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