Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Good afternoon

I am in Malta, I am on a trip playing some guitar for the singer Amy Studt at a charity event for Inspire. Staying at a hotel called The Palace, most comfortable beds in the world. In the days I am using this trip to write. I have been getting lyrics and chords together for the next album sessions. Went down to the sea-front yesterday, the waves are strong and crash onto the sand colored rocks. We are in a quiet part of town called Sliema and spend much of our time in a pub called Simon's Pub where the event is taking place through the week. That is where I write from at this moment. Simon runs the pub and is Maltese born and bred. On arrival on the thursday evening, Simon dress's up as a british policeman and runs in through the small paraphernalia filled room brandishing a truncheon. He shouts "get out its a raid" and then places a fake knife through is head.
Objects that fill the pub: banners, posters, medals, cups, clogs, drawing of a french man on the wall, football scarfs, joke signs - "I am ugly and Not Funny but available" etc - car number pate with 'simon' on and other nicknacks, there are many.

Last night Amy was invited to DJ at a club in the center of town, it is a much busier part of town that is like a holiday destination version of Leicester square. We went to this club called Flago's down through throngs of drunken merrymakers and weekenders. Cheap aftershave and overprice beer hung in the air as we struggled to follow our miniature guide - Maddy - through the crowded streets to the club. The club ended up being a four to the floor/pop/house/dance music type affair with a Brazilian DJ (at one point he got to the stage with a mic on his face and proceeded to 'hype' the audience and get them to learn simple flamenco dance moves) who obviously spent his whole afternoons drinking protein shakes and pumping iron. Lets just say our popiest set was slightly too low octane for the clientele and not long after starting we had the pink shirt grey mullet owner asking us kindly to step down. He was perfectly friendly to us but had the manner of man you did not cross. He spoke to his staff with an aggression and body language that made them cower. Although I must say his face was as soft as a babies when he spoke to us and told Amy how much he loved her voice.

I missed breakfast this morning at the hotel and am now starting to get that hunger pain in my stomach. I will go roam the streets until I find something.


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