Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hello all in the outside world,

We are excited to be venturing up to the hills of Wales where we recorded our Mini-Album 'Found In The Woods' to record our as yet untitled second long player. We will go up in just under 10 days to spend two weeks recording. Spending the last few months rehearsing the 20 songs that are contenders for the album we want to record in a quick and live fashion keeping it stark and aggressive and honest. Songs about girls, dancing, and the people we know....

Some of you will know that we have been playing shows over the summer and following months with a selection of different musicians each show being a complete one off, well now we have got a final complete lineup for album two. So please give your love and support for the finest players in London Town we could find; Hatcham Social now comprises of David Claxton on Guitar, Riley Difford on Bass and the same Finnigan Kidd and Toby Kidd on Drums/vocals and Vocals/guitar respectively.

The contenders for album two are (some of them you would have heard already) ;

Like An Animal
New York Girl
Nicola Tells Me
Lois Lane/Until The End
Lets Make Some Noise
Russian Doll
Its Cool To Be True
So Pretty
Little Savage
Shut Your Mouth
We Can Stay Together
Distance Kills The Romance
Somebody Else's You
When You Dance With Me
Escape From London
Malta Sea
All Summer Long (Just Go Away)
The Invention Of Air
American Beauty
Something Special

It will be finding the story out of the whole that makes the album choice then we will release the rest as an EP later in the year...

Will let you know how the studio is going.

Love to all,


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