Monday, 23 January 2012

Cover Songs and Other Texican Gongs

No actual gongs here.  Anyone going to SXSW (Festival in Austin)? We will be staying in the little Motel a little way away from the main festivities...well we had a house swap but it fell through last minute (they decided they could not go on holiday or something annoying. Idiots.)...Last time we went we stayed in the tallest Hotel and had a swimming pool on the roof, ahh the good old days, we looked out at all our minions...There will be lots of bands to see, I think Flats are going this year and SCUM, both good London bands worth going to see. Let us know if you have any recommendations. Actually we have some passes on our Pledge thing if you need/want (Pledge Music Pre-order of album thing)...

We were on the Squeeze blog/site thing Packet Of Three today, or yesterday maybe, that was pretty cool. They mentioned our cover of the If I Didn't Love You track. We have done a couple of covers now, all for the pledgers, been interesting. So far Crystal Stilts Through the Floor, Hefner Greedy Ugly People, Squeeze If I Didn't Love You, Horrors Scarlet Fields. I think we will be doing a couple more, trying to do some of our contemporaries and a few odd older ones that you would not usually associate with us - or maybe you would, who is to say...actually not that long to go now on the Pledge Campaign...

Have a look out for the Pre-Order for the Electricity In Our Homes album. Great band. Their album is up for pre-order now on Itunes and such like I think. Was lucky enough to get an early copy of the album on vinyl and play it at home the other day. Good times.

Keep up the good work.

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