Sunday, 15 January 2012

New Years Letter - W H Auden

O Unicorn among the cedars,

To whom no magic charm can lead us,
White childhood moving like a sigh
Through the green woods unharmed in thy
Sophisticated innocence, 1655
To call thy true love to the dance,27
O Dove of science and of light,28
Upon the branches of the night,
O Ichthus playful in the deep
Sea-lodges that forever keep 1660
Their secret of excitement hidden,
O sudden Wind that blows unbidden,
Parting the quiet reeds, O Voice
Within the labyrinth of choice
Only the passive listener hears, 1665
O Clock and Keeper of the years,
O Source of equity and rest,
Quando non fuerit, non est,29
It without image, paradigm
Of matter, motion, number, time, 1670
The grinning gap of Hell, the hill
Of Venus and the stairs of Will,
Disturb our negligence and chill,
Convict our pride of its offence
In all things, even penitence, 1675
Instruct us in the civil art
Of making from the muddled heart
A desert and a city where
The thoughts that have to labour there
May find locality and peace, 1680
And pent-up feelings their release,
Send strength sufficient for our day,
And point out knowledge on its way,30
O da quod jubes, Domine.31

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