Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Truth and Validity

What makes a lyric valid? What makes a song meaningful? To live your life so as to experience something less ordinary or to give us the space to understand the road less trodden and muddied? To live your life on the edge of knowing what you are doing. Letting the gods roll you around in fates gardens. Do these pills sharpen our pencils and sight? We dive into ourselves and those we know in a quest for something deeper than the surface rubble. In a need for more than the usual cheap tricks and alliterations. For some truth that sets the soul alight that burns the crystals of hope and deep sensitivity. Is it just a case of something to catch the eye, but then why bother? Stick by me we can mine the deepest mines, we can find the real precious metals down there, we leave the fools gold for the shiny happy people.

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