Friday, 10 August 2012

The HS TPS Report

Hello and welcome to the Hatcham Social weekly TPS Report 

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Have been reading a little of Verlaine and wanted to share one with you, you may not know this:

The Innocents ‘Paul Verlaine’

(Fêtes Galants: Les Ingénus)

High heels fought with their long dresses,
So that, a question of slopes and breezes,
Ankles sometimes glimmered to please us,
Ah, intercepted! – Dear foolishnesses!

Sometimes a jealous insect’s sting
Troubled necks of beauties under the branches,
White napes revealed in sudden flashes
A feast for our young eyes’ wild gazing.

Evening fell, ambiguous autumn evening:
The beauties, dreamers who leaned on our arms,
Whispered soft words, so deceptive, such charms,
That our souls were left quivering and singing.

You love him too, right?

Look Sessions

A few months back we went to SXSW festival in Austin Texas (yes it was amazing in the Motel and the Frat Parties), while we were there we played an acoustic session for an Look Sessions (, here is us playing an acoustic version of Like An Animal for them:

For those of you who entered our competition for tickets for our autumn tour, playing with Tim Burgess, you will have received notification today if you won. Congratulations! Going to be fucking great  tour.


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